Cerium IV Sulfate Tetrahydrate

Cerium IV Sulfate Tetrahydrate 98% is yellow to yellow/orange solids powder.

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Cerium IV Sulfate Tetrahydrate or Ceric Sulfate is a powerful and versatile oxidizing agent that possesses certain advantages over Potassium Dichromate and Potassium Permanganate. These advantages include increased stability, ability to be used in a high concentration of Hydrochloric Acid (where Potassium Permanganate is unsuitable), lack of intense coloration (which would impair the ability to read a buret or other volumetric glassware), and a colorless reduced form (Cerous ion, Ce3+) that can be used as a self-indicator and does not interfere with the color of a reduction-oxidation indicator such as Ferroin. Ceric solutions can also be heated in aqueous solution for a moderate length of time without decomposition and this feature allows them to be used in the determination of many organic compounds.