Ammonium Bisulfite Oxygen Scavenger

Ammonium Bisulfite corrosion inhibitor acts as oxygen scavengers used to effectively remove dissolved OXYGEN

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This is most common oxygen scavengers used to effectively remove dissolved  OXYGEN from your feedwater. By the presence of dissolved oxygen in system , corrosion and pitting caused on metal surface. Removes dissolved oxygen , By acting as an oxygen scavenger.Application: Oxygen scavenger is a class of chemicals added to react and remove oxygen in water to protect against oxygen induced corrosion. The use of Ammonium Bisulfite  as a chemical deoxygenator is economical within certain limitations imposed by the dissolved oxygen content. Ammonium Bisulfite is relied on as the sole means of oxygen removal. Generally, costs are balanced by removal of as much of the oxygen as feasible by mechanical means, e.g. deaerator and by using Ammonium Bisulfite to react with the residual oxygen. To prevent corrosion and pitting it is desirable to feed the Ammonium Bisulfite.Dose: Theoretically, 7.88 pounds of RXSOL-40-5023-210 are required to remove one pound of oxygen. The efficiency of the oxygen removal is estimated at 75 per cent to allow for oxidation in contact with air, blowdown losses, etc. Therefore it is estimated that 10 pounds of RXSOL-40-5023-210 are required for each pound of oxygen removed (or 10 ppm RXSOL-40-5023-210 per 1 ppm dissolved oxygen.)Note:   HANDLING, STORAGE AND PRECAUTIONS : RXSOL-40-5023-210 is mildly alkaline in nature. Normal precautions should be taken while handling solid powders. In case of contact, wash with water. Do not swallow. RXSOL-40-5023-210 should be stored in a dry condition. Close the container tightly to avoid contact with air. PACKING : RXSOL-40-5023-210 is available in 50 kg polythene lined bags.