About Us

Fujairah chemical  is a International Chemical manufacturing company to full fill chemicals demand of Oil field, Marine shipping Tank cleaning chemicals, Water Treatment, RO membrane cleaning chemical, Antiscalant, Corrosion Inhibitor, Degreaser, Rigs Oil Field industries industry, Petroleum Storage Tank and Pipe line Cleaning Chemical Industries, Flocculant and many more. We are working as a partner of global international chemicals company and keeping ready stock of materials at FUJAIRAH – Al Hayl Industrial area. Our group partner also covers all types of lab chemical, Lab instrument etc for industrial and institutional demand.

What do We Do?

* Tank Cleaning chemicals manufacturer and one of largest supplier in Middle East.
* Water Treatment chemicals full range for cooling and boiler water manufacturer, supplier- Exporter.
* Sewage treatment chemicals and flocculants manufacturer and supplier.
* Degreaser – Rig wash for Oil field and Marine Shipping Industries.
* Solvents, Acid, Powder caustic, citric, Bentonite, Activated Carbon stockist and supplier.
* RO plant chemicals which covers membrane cleaner, Antiscalant etc.
* Ship Hold Cleaner Aquatuff, Pet coke remover, Hold Block – Slip Coat, Cement Remover
* Ship Deck Engine maintenance chemicals – Electrical cleaner, Bilge Cleaner, OSD etc