Bleach for Colour Safe OxiBrite

Peroxide bleach does not disinfect and is commonly added to laundry detergents which are advertised as color-safe.

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Usefull for brighten materials with bright colors, as well as to facilitate the removal of stains from cleaning rugs and carpets and fabricscoffee, tea, brown discoloration of jute and cellulose fibers and stains with water.  OXIBRITE is a powerful oxygen based alkaline cleaner that attacks the toughest organic dirt including mildew, blood, pet messes, mold, wine, juice, baby formula and much more. After removing your stains, OXIBRITE  will break down into harmless oxygen and sodium carbonate. OXI SOL  works over time, and some stains will require several treatments for best results. OXIBRITE  has no odor so you clean without the harmful fumes. For the most effective stain removal, follow the mixing instructions on this instruction sheet using the lightest solution suggestion first and increase the cleaning solution as needed.

This is An oxidising agent additive which can be used with carpet and fabric cleaning solutions to brighten light colours and help remove tea, coffee, jute and cellulosic browning stains and water marks. Colour Safe Bleach OxiBrite is Oxidising additive for white, off-white and pastel coloured fibres and fabrics.

Today, bleach is found in nearly every household. It whitens fabrics and removes stains by a chemical reaction that breaks down the undesired color into smaller particles that can be easily removed by washing. The two types of household bleach are chlorine bleach and peroxide bleach. Peroxide bleach helps to remove stains, especially in higher wash temperatures, it will not bleach most colored materials and does not weaken fabrics, as does sodium hypochlorite bleach. Peroxide bleach does not disinfect and is commonly added to laundry detergents which are advertised as color-safe. It also has a longer shelf life than chlorine bleach. Peroxide bleach is more commonly used in Europe, where washing machines are manufactured with inner heating coils that can raise the water temperature to the boiling point.

The more common form of household bleach is chlorine bleach. It is most effective in removing stains and disinfecting fabrics. Chlorine bleach is cheap to manufacture and effective in both warm and hot wash temperatures. However, it has strong chemical properties which can weaken textile fibers.

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