Chlorine Test Paper

Range 5 ppm to 100 ppm for determination pf chlorine

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RESIDUAL CHLORINE TEST KIT,COLOUR COMPARATOR,Application: Chlorine Range : 0.1, 0.2,0.4,0.7,1&2ppm as Chlorine. Directions for use: 1. Add 2 drops of Chlorine Reagent in the test jar. 2. Pour water sample upto 10 ml mark and mix well.  Wait for 5 minutes. 3. Now rinse the empty comparator tube with above solution and fill upto the half level of the comparator tube. 4. Insert this tube in sample slot of comparator. Compare the devloped colour with standard comparator colours. 5. Note down the ppm level of Chlorine as CL2Dose: Note:

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