Degreaser 1110 Advanced Cleaner

A heavy duty emulsifiable solvent degreaser composed of petroleum distillates, emulsifiers, wetting and penetrating agents


Extremely effective and useful for cleaning and degreasing broad spectrum of industrial and institutional applications, such as bakeries, bottling,  automobiles, trucks, tractors, farm equipment, trailers, road building equipment, fork lifts, industrial and manufacturing machinery, stainless steel, tar and asphalt equipment, concrete floors, filters, grease traps, bearings, parts, plants, breweries,boats, printing plants, public buildings, park dept,dockyards, food plants, vessels bilge’s, deck engine rooms, and machine shops  etc. May be used on any surface not harmed by kerosene.


A heavy duty advanced degreaser composed of new generation emulsifiers, wetting and penetrating agents. Designed to loosen and combine with oils, greases, and soils, so that when flushed with hot water, an emulsion (soap-like) compound is formed, then is easily rinsed away. 

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