Fatty Di amine TD

This is a specialized fatty amine used as a surfactant.

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RXSOL manufacturing wide range fatty tertiary amines. Also Fatty Amines like Coco amine, Oleyl Amine, Tallow Amine, Tallow Diamine, Stearyl Amine etc. Fatty Amines have many uses, primarily as nonionic surfactants in various formulations both, industrial & domestic. These are also used as cleaning agents, antistatic agents, dispersants or emulsifiers,in textile formulations, corrosion inhibitors in metal & emulsifiers, adjuvants in agrochemical formulations.

Tallow Diamine, also known as N-tallowalkyl-1,3-propanediamine,  is a specialized fatty amine used as a  surfactant. It has a weak ammonia like odor. Its color can range from pale yellow to amber and it typically has a semisolid appearance. Tallow Diamine is soluble in organic solvents and its pH balance becomes alkaline when mixed with water. Tallow Diamine is considered corrosive.

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