Laundry Emulsifier Surfactant

Laundry Emulsifier detergent contains a blend of nonionic and anionic surfactants and fluorescent whitening agent.

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RXSOL Laundry Emulsifier  is a specially formulated liquid emulsifier for effective cleaning of fabrics regularly exposed to mineral oils and grease stains such as Kitchen Uniform, chefs’ uniforms, mechanics’ overalls, Boiler Suit etc… RXSOL Laundry Emulsifier increases effectiveness of normal laundry detergents. It actively removes these types of soiling from fabrics. Its contains a blend of non ionic and fluorescent whitening agents. RXSOL Laundry Emulsifier  is a highly effective blend that is superior in emulsifying petroleum, food and body oilApplication: RXSOL Laundry Emulsifier  is versatile and can be used as a spotter and a presoa. RXSOL Laundry Emulsifier  will remove oil and grease from cotton and polyester cotton blends. Contains anti-redeposition agents which keeps soil from re-depositing on wash. It is designed to assist detergents and alkalis in removing oil and grease from white of colored work.Dose: Recommended for coloured materials, particularly polyester and cotton. Recommended dosage for normal soiling is 2 -5 ml./kg. of dry load, together with appropriate amount of Detergent. Normal use in a dispensing systems the use concentration is recommended @ 0.15% by weight of detergent. Recommended dosage for normal soiling 2-4 ml./kg. of dry load.Note: Future & Benefit  :   Removes mineral oils effectively. Helps maintain the colour of materials soiled by mineral oils, and thus prolongs material life. Easy to use. It is added with the detergent directly into the mainwash. Very economical in use. RXSOL Laundry Emulsifier is a concentrate thereby requiring a very minimal dosage. Suitable for washing delicates. Has good foam-control properties, thus ensuring optimal washer mechanical action. Storage :  Keep container tightly closed. Provide good ventilation of working area (local exhaust ventilation if necessary). Avoid contact with the skin, eyes and clothing. Contaminated surfaces may be extremely slippery. Clean up spillages. Handling :  Use common rules for working with chemicals. No special measures required for Handling.

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