Pet Coke Cleaner

Innovative, concentrated liquid product specifically engineered to attack, penetrate and remove Coal Carbon, pet coke, lime deposition

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Pet coke remover supplier and exporter. For cleaning aſter pet coke, oily residues, sulphur, concentrates, specific ore residues, and other difficult cargoes, as well as lighter grease, oil etc RXSOL pet coke cleaner plays a powerful role than other. Our pet coke cleaner is principally based on emulsifiers with neutraliser, as pet coke residues contain heavy oil content and sulphur which is creating an acidic effect on metal surfaces. And causing heavy corrosion on metal, and its ionic effect damaging entire painting layer.  Application: • Effectively removes Pet Coke Oily stain  and Carbonesious deposits from cargo holds and tanks. • Can also be efficiently used as a general purpose cleaner for surrounding area of ship hold. • Acts quickly and thoroughly. • Can safely be used on all metals and metal alloys. • Non–flammable, non–toxic, non–conductive & non–volatile. • Soluble in seawater and fresh water. • No known effect on rubber or plastic compounds. • May be combined with a specific range of other products. • Cost effective, easy to apply and use.Dose: Pet coke remover may be used concentrated or diluted with water, depending on the degree of contamination, the surface area to be treated, the desired degree of cleaning and the available downtime.Actually, the user is the best one capable to regulate the quantity and concentration to be used for the situation at hand.In any case, when the accumulation is not heavy, a 50% solution with water must be used. Otherwise, Pet Coke Remover can be used undiluted especially when deposition is heavy and hard spots persist. Cleaning Procedure Conventional cleaning methods such as a brush,hard sponge, thick and hard broom and /or a mop can be used on heavy duty and hard stain deposits.Note that for heavy accumulations the cleaning procedure might be necessary to be repeated until the results are satisfactory. Furthermore, is important to keep in mind that 1 litre of Pet Coke Remover is sufficient to cover a surface area of 8–10 square meters. NOTE ::: — Let this product soak into the surface for 30-45 minutes. Then using a high-powered spray washer blast the surfaces until the stains and discoloration is gone.  Note: A  water-based heavy duty alkaline cleaner for removal of oily stains as pet coke and coal. Also contains a specialized blend of synthetic. surfactants The cleaning should take place as soon as the discharge is complete to maximize effectiveness. Also effective on dried oil films. When cleaning from black oils to white oils and from black oils to cargo grain Petcoke Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), the classification of petroleum substances according to the EU dangerous goods directive and the GESAMP/EHS  composite list of hazard profiles 2003/2004 all state that petcoke is not considered a hazard to the marine environment. It is also worth noting that, although petroleum coke is described as non-hazardous, there is potential human health effects relating to the small particulate matter within the powder or granules as inhaled (i.e. airborne) dust.   In theory, the dirty wash water is either disposed of at sea or discharged for treatment in land-based reception facilities.   

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