Radiator Cleaner Acidic

This is specially formulated for use as radiator cleaner.Radiator cleaner removes the dirt, grease, scale, grime & solder from the engine cooling system. Radiator cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent not only for the automobile engine but can be used for the steam tube and boiler tube etc. Radiator

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This is specially formulated for use as rediator cleaner. A radiator is one of the parts of a vehicle that keeps the engine cool. Once sludge and rust build up inside the radiator it becomes less effective and the performance of your vehicle becomes less efficient.

Atleast Every 2 years flush eliminates the build-up of sludge and rust. A vehicle's cooling system protects the automobile from the extreme heat generated by the engine and keeps the engine running within the proper temperature range. A regular radiator flushing should become a part of routine maintenance if you want to keep your vehicle operating at optimum levels.

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