RO Antiscalant 2020 High Silica Inhibition

RO Antiscalant 2020 Rx is a liquid antiscalant and dispersant that offers excellent

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RO Antiscalant 2020 Rx is a high performance non hazardous reverse osmosis (RO) antiscalant and dispersant, scientifically formulated for the treatment and protection of reverse osmosis membranes under high silica feed water conditions.A proprietary blend, RO Antiscalant 2020 Rx has been specifically designed for ro membrane systems with high silica feed-waters.

RO Antiscalant 2020 Rx  is a proven high performance scale inhibitor against calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scalants and combats silica fouling by a combination of anti-precipitation, anti-agglomeration and dispersancy processes.RO Antiscalant 2020 Rx  is compatible with a wide range of materials and unlike other antiscalants, is not deactivated in the presence of iron.

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