Corrosion Inhibitor for Rinse Water Tank.

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RXSOL Unicor 500  is a corrosion inhibitor compound concentrate that does a great job of removing metalworking fluids and light oily films. This product will not stain ferrous or nonferrous materials and leaves an extremely thin film corrosion inhibitor, which does not interfere with gauging of parts. RXSOL Unicor 500  is a  hygroscopic compound designed as a corrosion inhibitor rinse water additive for prevention of oxidation in ferrous components. RXSOL Unicor 500 is suitable for immersion & spray application. It is used as a final rinse additive after alkaline degreasing of ferrous components.RXSOL Unicor 500 forms after drying a temporary corrosion protected film, which is removable in the cleaning bath prior to subsequent operation.

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