Sewage Test Kit

RXSOL Sewage Test kit have been developed to meet the requirement of Sewage test

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RXSOL Sewage Test kit  have been developed to meet the requirement of Sewage test.Each of the tests is performed simply without the use of complicated equipment and are suitable without formal training in water testing and analysis. RXSOL Sewage Test kit are based on those recommended by the Department of the Environment and the Water Research Centre, and accord generally with the methods laid down in “Analysis of Raw, Potable and Waste Waters”.

Secondly The contamination of sea water due to raw sewage is a serious health hazard, while in coastal areas sewage can also lead to oxygen depletion and an obvious visual pollution. The RXSOL Sewage  Test Kit was developed to offer offshore rigs and sea vessels the complete monitoring solution for their water systems. The kit will aid with the compliance of MARPOL Annex IV, especially for the initial/renewal inspections and spot checks for certification. RXSOL SEWAGE TEST KIT is very user friendly test kit . The using procedure of kit speaks for itself that the Kits and the results are acceptable to the Department of Environment and other authorities involved.

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