Silver Nitrate Crystal AR

SILVER NITRATE is a transparent colourless or white crystal. Silver nitrate has powerful germicidal and antiseptic power.

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SILVER NITRATE is a transparent colourless or white crystal. Silver nitrate has powerful germicidal and antiseptic power. We have became the largest integrated Silver Nitrate manufacturer and supplier who can provide different kinds of Silver Nitrate that has well tested as per Analar Standards, IP, BP & USP Standards as well.Application: Silver Nitrate used in vacuum flask refill and mirror manufacture, silver plating, printing, corrosive agent in medicine, hair dye, analytical agent, preparation of other silver salt and colourfast ink. Silver Nitrate, Crystal, Reagent, ACS is an inorganic compound with the formula AgNO3. Silver nitrate is an extremely versatile analytical laboratory reagent for both the qualitative and quantitative determination of halides, carbonates, hydroxides, sulfides and phosphates. We provides solid Reagent ACS grade silver nitrate for preparation of analytical laboratory reagent solutions. As an ACS grade Reagent, Spectrum Chemical manufactured Silver Nitrate is used as the quality reagent in standard testing to which other substances are graded. It has met the toughest regulatory standards for quality and purity.Dose: Silver Nitrate Helps to test Halogen Family Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine ions due to its characteristic change of colour as follows ::: Silver Nitrate + Chloride = White,  Silver Nitrate + Bromide = Pale Yellow,  Silver Nitrate + Iodide = Yellow.   Silver Nitrate also helps to find presence of Carbonate, Hydroxide, Sulfide and Phosphate ions. For example: Pale Green=Carbonate, Brown=Hydroxide, Black=Sulfide.   Silver Nitrate is used in Oil Fields to determine the amount of Chloride ions in water and drilling fluids.Note: ALWAYS dissolve Silver Nitrate powder into Distilled Water. NEVER use Tap Water when dissolving Silver Nitrate powder – it will turn ‘milky’ (dilute Silver Chloride).

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