Sodium Sulphite Na2SO3 uses | MSDS

Fujairah Chemical is a world-famous manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of boiler chemical. Our RXSOL-19-1305-025 Sodium Sulphite for corrosion prevention. Generally speaking, sulfite is not present in natural water. In boiler feedwater conditioning sodium sulfite is fed to a boiler to remove dissolved oxygen and thus prevent pitting. For the reaction between sulfite and oxygen to proceed rapidly and completely, it is necessary to maintain an excess sulfite concentration at an elevated temperature. Specially manufactured our chemical using high-quality chemicals at our sophisticated manufacturing unit. These are highly acknowledged due to their accurate composition and effectiveness. These products are sourced from our trustworthy vendors and are available at competitive prices. Our product range is largely used in different sector. available in liquid and powder form

Formula Na2SO3
Molar mass 126.043 g/mo
Density 2.63 g/cm³
Soluble in Water

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