Anti Rusting Liquid Solution

nti Rust Liquis Solution is used on ferrous surfaces as a rust inhibiting treatment to protect parts during in-plant storage or handling. Steel components continually immersed in aqueous solutions of Anti Rust Liquis Solution will not rust. Anti Rust Liquis Solution is valuable as a rust inhibitin

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RXSOL ANTI RUSTING LIQUID SOLUTION is  designed for use as a rust inhibiting final rinse treatment.RXSOL ANTI RUSTING LIQUID SOLUTION is a water-based concentrate and complete replacement for oil-based preventives for indoor and outdoor protection of equipment and components. ANTI RUSTING LIQUID SOLUTION allows flexibility to customize the length of protection required and the applied cost per square foot (or m2). ANTI RUSTING LIQUID SOLUTION  forms a solution in water and is applied to metal surfaces by spraying or dipping. It is easly soluble in water and provide resistance against bactria and proterct fungus also.