Diesel Exhaust Fluid Blue DEF

Diesel exhaust fluid

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DEF is Liquid Urea solution used as a Diesel exhaust fluid for reduction of NOx concentration in the diesel exhaust emissions from diesel engines combustion. Diesel Exhaust Fluid Blue DEF is a crystal clear 30% –  32% aqueous solution of urea.Application: Diesel Exhaust Fluid Blue DEF having various application ::: The most importat use of DEF is for reduction of Nitrous Oxide ( NO ).  DEF help full combustion of soot and to prevent them exhausting unburnt fuel. ■ It is used in NOx reduction and as a nutrient component in organic waste water treatment plants. ■ In the manufacture of liquid feed supplement for ruminant animals ■ In plywood and coreboard adhesives ■ Textile processing and coatings ■ In some paper coatings. Urea is also consumed in animal feeds, other chemical manufacturing, as an alternative to rock salt for de-icing, as an effluent treatment plant or fermentation nutrient and is growing in diesel emissions control.Dose: Note: Handling : Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Storage : Keep storage tanks and containers closed and contents protected from dust, dirt, and moisture. Clean storage tanks on a regular schedule based on inspection and experience. Have storage tanks, containers, and transfer systems properly labeled for contents. Have procedures for determining product quantity in storage tanks and for accepting deliveries. Use tanks, transfer lines, pumps valves and process instrumentation designed for this material using approved materials of construction. Some materials commonly used are stainless steel, some plastics, and FRP. Mild steel, iron and nonferrous metals will be damaged by corrosion. Consult engineers if needed.

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