Lead Oxide (PbO)

Litharge is also known as Lead Oxide or Lead Monoxide. Litharge is a secondary mineral and it is a red or yellow crystalline powder

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Lead is seldom found uncombined in nature, it is mostly found in the form of Lead Oxides. Lead Oxides includes all oxides of Lead (Pb). In Lead Oxide category, all three lead Oxides are subcategorized as Lead Sub Oxide, which is a mixture of Lead Oxides & free Lead Powder and commercially called as Grey Oxide secondly reddish oxide of lead as Red Lead used as a pigment in paints, glass and ceramics thirdly a Yellow Lead Oxide, also called Lead Monoxide and commercially called Litharge.

Our premium quality Litharge powder finds extensive usage in diverse manufacturing industry domains like ceramics, insecticides, lubricants, rubber, PVC, inorganic pigments, petroleum refining and so on. We are one of the leading Litharge manufacturers India and Litharge suppliers having streamlined manufacturing facility with fully automated Barton Plant having a heating capacity at 600°C temperature in the beginning manufacturing process and have installed Litharge furnaces for the second production phase. Our Litharge manufacturing process involves making use of Pure Lead as raw material with of 99.98% purity.

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