OXY Bleach Triplephase Stain Remover

Triple phase Stain Remover suitable for suitable for all fabrics except nylon and wool.

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Ready to Use Oxidizing Stain Oxidizer with three phases action activated oxygen makes stain disappear, residual discoloration is eliminated by additional ingredients, and polymers protect against resoiling and wicking
A  RXSOL peracetic based bleach product designed to alter the structure of stains by removing, oxidizing, or making them invisible and very effective use in the laundries to remove stains. Ideal for use with mustard, furniture stains, wood stains, shoe polish, urine contamination, coffee, vomit, pigments, and other staining materials you would not eat or drink.

It is used for low temperature bleaching and is suitable for all fabrics except nylon and wool.