RXSOL ORG SFB 100i (Flowback Surfactant)

Water-based flowback surfactant for use during fracturing applications

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RXSOL ORG SFB-100i is designed to enhance the recovery of stimulation fluids and improve gas and oil production. It lowers surface tension of water-based fluids in order to counteract the high capillary pressures characteristic of tighter formations. RXSOL ORG SFB-100i is an environmentally friendly additive that contains no methanol.

When added to fracturing fluids,RXSOL ORG SFB-100i  is completely soluble, and the dispersion in the fracturing fluid is extremely rapid, making the surfactant ideal for on-the-fly applications. Also, it has the ability to assist in the hydration of inverse emulsion friction reducers to provide higher levels of drag reduction in water with high levels of dissolved solids.

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