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Sodium Acetate Anhydrous

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Sodium Acetate powder (anhydrous) as well as a crystal (trihydrate). Sodium Acetate Anhydrous is soluble in water. Application: Sodium Acetate is a salt of a strong base and a weak acid providing the application to be used as buffers in petroleum production and drilling muds, in food preservations, and in electroplating. It is used as a retardant in elastomer industry. It is used in tanning to effect a more even and rapid penetration of the tan in the leather industry. It is also used as a mordant in dyeing processes. Sodium Acetate is an intermediate to manufacture organic compounds like dyes, pigments, pharmaceuticals, cinnamic acid. It is also used in soap industry and purification of glucose. This product has multi appliacation some as below – Lab use : It is used as lab reagent for anlysis of chemicals and as abuffer. Food Production : Sodium Acetate A.R. Grade is widely used as preservative in food production.As preservative and flavor enhancer: in processed meat and bread to extend shelf life. As acidity regulator: in sausage, bread and rice cake to improve flavor.Sodium Acetate Anhydrous in Beverage. Sodium Acetate  in Pharmaceutical :Sodium Acetate is widely used as intermediate in Pharmaceutical.As intermediate: in manufacturing of various medicines. Sodium Acetate  in Cosmetics Sodium Acetate  in Agriculture/Animal Feed : Sodium Acetate Anhydrous is widely used as buffering agent and ph regulator in Agriculture/Animal Feed. As ph regulator: in dyeing to neutralize acid. Sodium Acetate used in Other many type of Industries Industries Oil Field Textile Industries  : The textile industry has a lot of use for this salt as it is able to remove calcium salts, which then lengthens the life of the finished fabric Dose: Sodium acetate is used in the textile industry to neutralise sulfuric acid waste streams. Sodium acetate also a pickling agent in chrome tanning. Sodium acetate works as Concrete Sealant, As it helps sealing concrete against water permeation which is prohibiting water damage to concrete by acting as a concrete sealant. Sodium acetate give potato chips a salt and vinegar flavor. Sodium acetate and acetic acid solution can act as a Buffer solution (pH 4-6)Note: Stability : All other grades have 2 years stability. Physical stability and appearance may change before the end of shelf-life if not stored single-stacked in closed original ackaging, dry and at room temperature.   Handling : Product has no classification. Always check the Safety Data Sheet and label before using the product.  

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