Type A Silica Gel

Silica gel White in 10 gram to 1 Kg pack and also in 25 Kg.

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Silica gels comes in 3 main types: A, B, and C. Type-A  is a narrow pore gel with pore openings of approximately 28 angstroms. We are Manufacturer of A-type Silica Gel which is commonly called Fine Pore Silica Gel. Our A-Type Silica Gel contains fine pores & has large internal surface area. Having high moisture-absorbing capacity at low humidity, our A-Type Silica Gel is used as a desiccant for storing food and metal parts. Type A Silica Gel that we supply simply adsorbs water vapor in the atmosphere in a normal humidity range.Application: Dehumidifying and dehydrating agent, air condition, drying of compressed air and other gases, and liquids such as refrigerants and oils containing water in suspension. Silica Gel offered by RXSOL is consistent, high-quality and can be used in a wide variety of applications such as as fluid cracking catalyst, catalyst support, packaging desiccant, compressed air dryers, and other static and dynamic solutions.Dose: Silica Gel Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter. Silica GEL white is a transparent beads. We are keeping Silica gel White in 10 gram to 1 Kg pack and also in 25 Kg Bag at discounted price directly from our manufacturing plant. Silica gel is most popular and economical drier chemicals in packing industries. Silica gel packets is suitable to keep inside new bags, shoe boxes and other gadgets as a desiccant.Note:

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