Zinc Chloride Anhydrous

Zinc Chloride supplier and exporter.

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Supplier of Zinc Chloride (ZnCl2)  best quality in High purity Grade, Battery Grade, Technical Grade and Commercial Grade. All these are available in Solid, Powder and Liquid (Solution) form.   Application: Our Zinc Chloride is used in multiple applications and is available in various specification and purity up to 99%. We are supplying it to all parts of India as well as exporting to other countries.Dose: Preparation Zinc Chloride can be prepared from Zinc and Hydrogen Chloride. Zn+2Hcl→Zncl2 + H2 Zinc exists in only one oxidation state 2+, which simplifies purification of the chloride.Note: Properties Zinc Chloride with formula Zncl2 is a white granular/crystalline powder, which is soluble in water having Specific Gravity 2.91, Melting Point 290° C and Boiling Point 732° C.

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