Tallow Amines Manufacturers and Supplier

Tallow Amines are used for food, leather dressings, soaps, candles, and lubricants. Tallow based alkyl amines are used for synthesizing of organic chemicals & cationic and amphoteric surfactants. Widely used in producing synthetic surfactants.

Tallow amines easily dissolve in alcohols, chloroform, benzene, & ethers. However it does not dissolve in water. Tallow amines are used in pigment dispersant, mineral floating agent, dyeing assistant, anti-rusting agent, waterproof softener of fiber,anti-static agent.

Form : Liquid
Other Trade Name : Tallow alkyl amine
Chemical Formula : R-NH2
Molecular Weight : ~262g/mol
Appearance : white paste or solid
Primary amine content (%) : 98.0 min
Total amine value (mgKOH/g): 205 min
Iodine value (g/100g) : 38-50
Color (Pt-Co) : 80 max
Applications : Cationic surfactants used as disinfectants, fungicides, germicide and other uses
Amphoteric surfactants and Amine oxides used as antistatic agent, textile scouring agent,
ingredient for low irritation shampoo, liquid detergent, foam boosters
Corrosion inhibitors and asphalt emulsifier
Dispersants, lubricants, water treatment agents

Safety and Handling : Refer Safety Data Sheet

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