Metanil Yellow



ACID RED 33 excellent quality  manufacturer, exporter and supplier. Acid Red 33 is widely used in processing of xylenlol orange, redox indicator and anti-oxidents.  Its chemical name is Disodium salt of 5-amino-4-hydroxy-3-(phenylazo)-2,7- naphthalenedisulfonic acid.Application: Most common colour indicator for Soap, shampoo, bubble bath, topically applied drugs and Nylon 66 and Nylon 6 sutures.Dose: CAS no : 3567-66-6Note: ACID RED 33 is Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol for scarlet. ACID RED 33 with concentrated sulfuric acid in scarlet, diluted for orange red. ACID RED 33 in nitric acid solution resul palm chestnut colour. ACID RED 33 in water solution to join strong hydrochloric acid for red.  Add concentrated sodium hydroxide solution for red light brown while with diluted sodium hydroxide solution results brick red.

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